Above and Beyond. D11 Paris

Day Eleven. Paris. It was about time that we made it to Montmartre. We got up, got ready then jumped on the train. Get off the train and what do you see? Oscar the Grouch made out of tiles. It’s so nice to be in the district of artists. I found a confectionery store and … Continued

Crepe Sights. D10 Paris

I realised that I haven’t shared a picture of the street we were staying on. It’s so lovely. We started our morning of by going for a rainy morning stroll through the Tuileries Garden. This place is so awesomely symmetrical. After walking around for a bit we thought we should probably get some breakfast. We wanted crepes, … Continued

les sites de paris. D09 Paris

Our first full day in Paris went much better than our initial experience. We got up and quickly made our way on the train station to go on the Sandemans free walking tour around Paris. We hadn’t had time for breakfast yet so we popped into the closest boulangerie to get some food. Just as we … Continued

Scammed. D08 Paris

There isn’t a huge amount of imagery from today as it was one of the most stressful and aggravating travel days I have experienced. The day started off perfectly fine. Everything was packed and ready to go. We made it out of the house and to the station that we were catching the Eurostar train … Continued

Bags, Hills, Spectacles. D07 London

We started off our Morning by going back to the Camden Markets to buy some leather bags. Then we made our way top the top of the nearby ‘Primrose Hill’. After visiting Primrose hill we went to see The Huntarian Museum (No photos allowed, sorry). While we were here I realized that I had left … Continued

Weeeeeeeee! D06 London

Museums and Mormons. D05 London

Today was a day for touring museums and finally getting to see “The Book Of Mormon” Musical. We started off our day by catching the underground to the South Kensington. Beginning out museum experience we went to The Natural History Museum’s Earth area. After finishing up in the earth area we made our way outside … Continued

Stairway to Heaven. D04 London

To start day four Michael and I went off to The Camden Markets. This place is awesome. Full of both nice things and a lot of stuff you would never need.   There is plenty of clothing items around. Just have a look at these jackets. Both made of Tweed and other inferior fabrics.     … Continued

A Beach With No Sand. D03 London

Vanessa is an amazing sister! She cooked us eggs on toast for breakfast… even after we had had muesli.         Went to offer some crisps to Michael and then the worst happened. My clumsiness made the crisps fall on the “sand”. Although about 5 minutes later Vanessa did the exact same, so … Continued

Shop and Choc. D02 London

Day 2 of london was full of shopping and because of this, there really isn’t that many photos to share. But never mind that, here we go. Firstly, I finally got to go and visit a real life Lomography store!   After only finding about “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in the morning we booked … Continued